TAKING CARE is an action that is born in the Italian Pavilion at Biennale Architettura 2016 which then takes root and exists outside it.
It has two purposes: to present a vision of architecture as service to the community; to demonstrate, with tangible proofs, how architecture can make a difference by taking care of people and places, principles and resources. We are thinking about architecture in the service of the common good, capable of increasing human, social and environmental capital and curbing marginalization and exclusion.
Participatory, intelligent, creative and effective architecture, caring and responsible, is certainly capable of disrupting the status quo that it encounters while imagining and building a better future. And since polices become places in architecture, the exhibition is a powerful reminder of the potential of politics in everyone’s lives. It proves that an architectural construct, whether fixed or mobile, temporary or permanent, can become a political actor that defends and affirms rights.
The project TAKING CARE is therefore presented at the Italian Pavilion 2016 with the express intention of taking root, growing and spreading outside it, generating a new civic awareness. Our proposals are like seeds that create a civil awakening, starting from the seedbed of the Biennale Architettura 2016.