TOrino MOvement, Values, Expression, Sport
Permanent center for education in civil coexistence, respect and active citizenship through play, sport and movement.

ASSOCIATION: UISP – Italian Union Sport For all
DESIGN TEAM: NOWA (Navarra Office Walking Architecture)
FREQUENCY OF MOVEMENTS: Present long-term in the Parco Dora, Turin, with periodic events in various parts of the outer city
LOCATION OF THE FIRST STAGE: Turin, Parco Dora, former stripping area

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TO MOVEs is a device for promoting sport among the inhabitants of outer cities. Like a Transformer it is capable of taking on different configurations thanks to its adaptability. Wherever it is positioned, it can take advantage of the specifics of each place.
TO MOVEs hooks onto any handy elements found in a street, square or park, turning them into gathering places, facilities where play becomes training, civilization and the future.

UISP-Unione Italiana Sport Per tutti
Uisp gives everyone a chance to be active, play sports and enjoy their rights as citizens. Sportpertutti uses basic equipment and reclaims outer suburbs and poor areas.
UISP promotes integration, favouring a social campaign of inclusion through sport in schools and communities, opposing discrimination and violence, racism and homophobia. It educates to equal opportunities, the common good and participation.


NOWA (Navarra Office Walking Architecture)
The office has been practising architectural design for many years as a unique occasion for the transformation of urban waste into resources for cities and territories.
NOWA works on an idea of extreme architecture practised on its ground zero in order to respond to boundary conditions in economics, constraints and programs.
NOWA was a finalist in the Mies van der Rohe Prize (2003), the European Prize For Urban Public Space (2006) in Barcelona and the BBS Swiss Architectural Award (2008).
NOWA won the Medaglia d’oro, the first prize for Italian architecture at the Milan Triennale (2003) and the Gubbio prize (2006). Nowa’s projects have been published in Italian and international architectural magazines (Lotus, Domus, Abitare, A+U, C3, Paiseia, A10).


LOCATION OF THE FIRST STAGE: Turin, Parco Dora, former stripping
photograph: Andrea Avezzù, “Scintille, Torino, Parco Dora”, 2016